Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Inertia Question

This blog is dedicated to getting research done and reporting the results on the questions posed in Chapter 28 of Book 2 of The Feynman Lectures on Physics.

The title of that Chapter is Electromagnetic Mass. And what do you know? There is a wiki page called Electromagnetic Mass.

Those questions are over 100 years old. They are still open. I'd like to close them as best as we can. If the theories of some physicists are correct it should be possible to develop a reaction force without expending mass (rockets). That would make high speed space travel very economical. If enough force could be generated we might even be able to lift off from earth without rockets. Now wouldn't that be nice?

And suppose several different experiments are tried and results are obtained and the results are null? We will have learned something very important and may thus have to revise our conception of the universe or at least fine tune it.

I am soliciting Researchers, Research Proposals, Papers, Funding reports, Funding sources, Parts Donations, "Industry" Gossip (No ad homs - save those for the comments. I have certain minimal standards to uphold, although particularly vile comments will be deleted if I find them. My judgment on the matter is final. So if you post a really nasty comment that you particularly enjoy. Save a copy.), Schematics (use the Tiny CAD software if you want to share the data), etc.

Besides my research goals what are my monetary goals? My guess is that each experiment would cost on the order of $300,000 per year for parts, labor, lab space, etc. I think about 5 experiments with different designs would answer the general question. Then we have an engineering review if the outcome is positive and come up with a road map for further development.

I'd like to further say that I want to see any patents obtained from this research to be available for a reasonable licensing fee. Radio really took off when RCA was formed as a patent combine. Remember the first rule of business: Don't Scare Off The Customers.

And one final thing - if you know of any useful pdfs please leave a url in the comments or send me an e-mail. I want to add resources like that to the sidebar.


  1. Interesting that you start this just now.

    Centauri Dreams put up an article on Inertia Modification today.

    You probably already know about Paul March's work into the Mach Effect.

  2. Up the vertical Change-Over-Time axis...

    Charting discoveries and technological change against an axis on the horizonta, representing time, we start on the left at 0,0 for recorded history, and progress to the right with two nearly parallel lines, the X axis of time (6,000 years of RECORDED human history) and above it the nearly FLAT line recording humankind's discoveries and technologies... fire, wheel, levers, pulleys, paper, printing...

    All combined STILL result in a line barely varying on the Y scale of discovery and technological advance...

    Until somewhere around the early 1800's, when the telegraph signaled the advent of a new day of rapid communication, and the line starts curling up rapidly... radio, TV, lasers, atomic research, atomic energy, space, quantum physics...

    Now we're on a Pace of Change tbat nearly parallels the Y Axis, with significant discoveries, technological advances and new synthesis being published EVERY DAY...

    May 23, 1844 was SOME powerful energy, indeed!

  3. There is a possible association of the problem of PEPs (Purely Electromagnetic Particles) and the Beltrami problem already mentioned by Einstein although not with much success.

  4. Good luck MSimon! I hope you are as succesful here as you were with Polywell.


  5. patents suck! they only slow down progress